The Best alterations in Boca Raton

The best alterations in Boca Raton

Education, experience and personal expertise all add up to the best tailor in Boca Raton, and this is exactly what you get at my shop. Graduated from the prestigious design school of Instituto Industrial Elvira Rodriguez Lorente in Lima, Peru, and with over three decades of experience on the alterations industry I consider to have the skills to get the job done right the first time around. I have served as a tailor at many reputable stores including Macy’, Maus & Hoffman (Palm Beach and Mizner Park), Manola Alterations, Ana Alterations and many others, until the day my heart decided it was the right time to have my own shop, and here I am.

Isabella Tailors - Wedding dress alterations Boca Raton

My greatest specialty is wedding dresses alteration and preservation. If you need your wedding dress altered, you will look like a queen on your special day walking down the aisle with my special touch. When it comes to looking good in clothing, the right fit is an essential. Precise measurements are taken, and work is exact. Other of my specialties include clothing alterations of difficult fabrics such as leather, fur, and suede for children, women and men. You can even have your pants hem altered keeping the original hem.

In addition, I also offer professional dry cleaning services. Get your leather, fur and suede pants and jackets cleaned, pillows renovated and area rugs cleaned. You don’t even need an appointment: just walk in with the goods and I will take all the needed information. Please take advantage of my savings coupons to make your alterations experience even more gratifying.

List of my services

  • Any tailoring alterations for men, women and children.
  • Wedding dresses alteration.
  • Prom dresses alteration.
  • Cocktail dresses alteration.
  • Fabric whole repairs.
  • Zipper repairs and/or replacement.
  • Leather, fur and suede repairs.
  • Formal wear for men and women.
  • Restyling of sizes or models.
  • Knitted material repairs.
  • Keep ORIGINAL hem of your jeans.
  • Household item repairs.
  • Repair or alter of any garment.